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Learning to make holograms that like you saw in the movies in used to be impossible, because they didn't exist. Now you see many companies out there all showing off their high-priced 'holographic displays' that usually cost between $8,000 to well over $60,000. Unlike most industries in the google age, they have kept the information on how they build them very secret.

This secret did not come cheaply ($7291.17 of parts, help and business expenses and counting). After years I was able to create a working hologram design that will make you very excited when you are able to build it yourself.

Are you interested in:

  • Holograms similar to "The Princess Leia Hologram"
  • Learning to build your own Holodeck-type setup?
  • Creating your own video games with holograms?

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P.S. Many projects for holograms are still under development, so you get to watch some of the steps as I build them, both the successes and failures (and yeah there are plenty of those).

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